Israeli Attacks On Gaza Continue

The Israeli army did not stop abusing the Palestinians, after more than 297 Palestinians were martyred in one day, the total number of martyrs due to Israeli brutality has exceeded 18 thousand.

Israeli Attacks On Gaza Continue

A large number of children have been killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, while more than 48,000 people have been injured in the attacks. Israel flouted the international laws in its aggressive actions, destroyed schools, hospitals, residential buildings, places of worship, many people were buried under the rubble in the attacks on Khan Yunis, Rafah, Jabalia and other areas.

According to media reports, the Israeli army threatened to evacuate the area from Khan Younis under the plan of forced evacuation of Palestinians.

Israeli National Security Adviser Zaki Hanegbi said that there have been significant successes in the recent operations of the Israeli forces, the Israeli forces have targeted more than 7,000 Hamas fighters.

According to the United Nations, more than 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza are already homeless and have been forced to seek refuge from one place to another in the war-torn city.

It should be noted that the resolution presented by the United Arab Emirates in the United Nations Security Council regarding the Gaza ceasefire was vetoed by the United States, a permanent member of the council. In the 15-member Security Council, 13 members voted in favor of the Emirati resolution, while Britain was absent from the voting process.

On the other hand, a protest demonstration was held in London against the massacre in Gaza, the whole of London came to the streets and the demonstrators shouted fierce slogans against the Zionist government and the occupying Israeli forces. The protesters demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza calling the US government an equal participant in the massacre of the Zionist forces.

It should be remembered that more than 17,000 Palestinians have been martyred by the Israeli bombardment in Gaza since October 7.

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